Upper Bucks Rail Trail

The Highlands Trail will co-align on this rail-trail in Springfield and Richland Townships, in upper Bucks County.

Highlands Trail Route

From Coopersburg, the Highlands Trail follows the entire length of the Upper Bucks Rail Trail. The trail follows the unused rail corridor south toward Quakertown for a distance of three miles, connecting to Veterans Park on East Pumping Station Road in Richland Township. 

Trail Facts

The Upper Bucks Rail Trail will be constructed of crushed stone materials. The Bucks County Commissioners funded trail design and development, and Springfield and Richland Townships will manage and maintain the trail. The project will connect to the seven-mile Saucon Rail Trail at the Lehigh County line near Coopersburg. 

Trail Access Points

The Upper Bucks Rail Trail can be accessed from:

  • Veterans Park, E. Pumping Station Road, Quakertown
  • On-foot from the sidewalks of Coopersburg at Station Avenue

Nearby Destinations

The following destinations are on or near the Upper Bucks Rail Trail:

  • Coopersburg Borough
  • Quakertown Borough
  • Veterans Park, Quakertown
  • The Park at Fourth and Univest Performance Center, E. Mill Street, Quakertown


Photo credit: R. Brahler.