PA Highlands Trail Strategic Plan

  • Prioritization of key projects
  • Outline tactics for community engagement
  • Collaborate on marketing and branding,
  • Create a long-term vision for trail funding, management, and operations, and will
  • Summarize the accomplishments of the PA Highlands Trail Network to date

The plan will span 5 years and will allow us to further define our goals for the PA Highlands Trail Network.

Key areas of the plan could include:

  • DEI engagement and initiatives
  • Remaining priority trail gaps
  • Funding
  • Branding/communications
  • Community connections
  • Partnerships, management and operations
  • Harmonized inventory of signage and amenities
  • Advocacy, programming, and education
  • Sustainability/Climate change mitigation

Companion documents that overlap with our strategic plan could include: PA Highlands Coalition Strategic Plan, Circuit Trails Coalition Strategic Plan, Pennsylvania Land and Water Network Strategic Plan, County’s Master Trails Plans, DCNR’s Conservation Landscapes, and PA SCORP.