Brayton Garden and Hunter’s Crossing Trails

On the south side of Quakertown, the Highlands Trail passes through open space in Richland Township, Bucks County.

Highlands Trail Route

The Highlands Trail route follows the entire length of the Brayton Garden and Hunter’s Crossing Trail. From the north, beginning in the Hunter’s Crossing subdivision on Mill Road, the Hunter’s Crossing Trail runs south for just under one mile and ends at Trumbauersville Road. A crosswalk is provided on Trumbauersville Road, and the Brayton Garden Trail, developed within Township open space begins on the south side of the road. This trail runs for about a mile and ends at Dovecote Drive. In 2018, a trailhead was developed on Dovecote Drive as part of the new Great Blue Heron Park. In order to connect to the nearby Barrel Run Trail, a connection through the Tollgate Landing subdivision is needed.

Trail Facts

Together, these trails total about two miles in length and are paved with asphalt. The Brayton Garden Trail is managed by Richland Township and the Hunter’s Crossing Trail is managed by the Hunter’s Crossing Home Owners Association.

Trail Access Points

  • Great Blue Heron Park, Dovecote Drive, Quakertown
  • The trails can be accessed on-foot or by bicycle using the sidewalks of both neighborhoods

Nearby Destinations

  • Great Blue Heron Park
  • Borough of Quakertown 
  • Park at Fourth, Quakertown
  • Quakertown High School