New Highlands Trail Kiosk and Trailhead Sign in Richland

AMC funded the design of a new trailhead sign and interpretive kiosk at the new Great Blue Heron Park in Richland Township.

Recently, AMC partnered with Township officials and staff of Richland Township, Bucks County to design and produce new trail signage at the trailhead for the Brayton Garden Trail section of the Pennsylvania Highlands Trail Network. Two new signs have been installed, including a new trailhead sign for the Brayton Garden Trail, and a three-panel interpretive kiosk. The kiosk includes information about the local watershed, the Mid-Atlantic Highlands, and a map of the planned and developed trails in the Quakertown region. The Brayton Garden Trail can be easily accessed from the adjacent, new township park facility, Great Blue Heron Park located on Dovecote Drive. This trail connects to the Hunter’s Crossing Trail and Quakertown Borough to the north. The park includes new multi-use athletic fields, play equipment and a pavilion. In the future, a trail will connect this park to planned and developed trails in Milford Township to the west.