South Bethlehem Greenway

The Highlands Trail aligns with the South Bethlehem Greenway through the City of Bethlehem. The South Bethlehem Greenway follows the former Bethlehem-Philadelphia rail corridor and is planned to connect the Saucon Rail Trail in Hellertown Borough.

Highlands Trail Route

From the west, the South Bethlehem Greenway begins at South New Street on the south side of the City of Bethlehem and heads east and then south for 1.6 miles, ending near the intersection of E. 6th Street, Lynfield Drive and Argus Street. The Highlands Trail route meets and coaligns with the South Bethlehem Greenway just south of the intersection of the Minsi Trail Bridge and Daly Avenue and heads south toward Hellertown.


The South Bethlehem Greenway is a combination of paved asphalt and crushed stone surface. The trail is managed by the City of Bethlehem.

Average Slope: 2.7%; Maximum slope: 17.3%

Trail Planning

Trail feasiblity studies and plans that have been developed for this section of the Highlands Trail are listed below.

Access Points

The South Bethlehem Greenway can be accessed from from the sidewalk system. Street parking is available near the Greenway.

Nearby Destinations

This paved urban trail provides access to many restaurants and cultural attractions including: