Webinar: Discover the Highlands Trail in PA

Watch the webinar to learn about Appalachian Mountain Club’s new online Highlands Trail in Pennsylvania resources: ESRI-based interactive map and StoryMap .

This webinar features AMC’s Patricia McCloskey, Senior Planner, Mid-Atlantic Region  and Catherine Poppenwimer, GIS Specialist.  

Watch “Discover the Highlands Trail in Pennsylvania”


Digital Resources Promote and Protect the Highlands

Explore the newly redesigned Highlands Region interactive map and Highlands Trail StoryMap project. As a result you will learn more about the important work in the region. Both resources and more information are on the Pennsylvania Highlands website. Firstly the interactive map provides an easy-to-use reference for many highlights within the region. Secondly, the StoryMap focuses on the Highlands Trail corridor. In addition, the StoryMap includes updated recreation resources located along the 300-mile long trail, as well as gap areas and trail sections that are under development. The presenters will touch on how these communication tools were developed using ESRI software. 

AMC designed this webinar and resources for partner organizations, trail managers, local municipalities, regional planning agencies, and state conservation and recreation stakeholders in the Pennsylvania Highlands region. Interested professionals and community members from the region and beyond are welcome to attend. 


View the Interactive Map.

Explore The Highlands Region interactive map to learn more about the natural and recreational resources in the PA Highlands.


Check out the StoryMap.

The StoryMap showcases the trail network that promotes and protects the PA Highlands region and connects communities to the outdoors through close-to home recreation


Highlands Trail in Pennsylvania

The trail co-aligns with 22 existing trails for a distance of roughly 280 miles across thirteen counties in the Commonwealth. Significantly, it connects five national historic and heritage areas, three major rivers, several state and county parks, numerous historic landmarks, and many scenic vistas and downtown business/cultural districts. The route also includes a National Recreation Trail and a National Scenic Trail.


The Pennsylvania Highlands features quality drinking water, productive farms and forests, as well as rural community character. Additionally, the network of trails and land in the region provides outstanding opportunities to spend time outdoors. To learn more, visit pahighlands.org.