Highlands Trail in Quakertown Borough

Within Quakertown Borough, the Highlands Trail follows the sidewalk system for pedestrians. Bicyclists share the road with vehicles within Quakertown, so take care when traveling this section of the Highlands Trail. No bike lanes are provided at this time.

Highlands Trail Route 

From the north, the Highlands Trail enters the Borough from Richland Township at East Mill Street, just east of the Park at Fourth. Heading west on East Mill Street, the trail turns south when it reaches the intersection of East Mill Street and Fourth Street. The trail heads south until the intersection of Fourth Street and West Broad Street (Route 313), where it heads west until it reaches Fifth Street. At Fifth Street, the trail turns south and follows Fifth Street until it reaches Park Avenue. At Park Avenue, the trails heads west again to the intersection of Park Avenue and Route 309 (West End Boulevard). Extreme care should be taken when crossing this busy intersection. The trail heads west through the intersection of Park Avenue and Route 309, following Park Avenue until it meets Mill Road.

Trail Facts

The trail route uses sidewalks for pedestrians and bicyclists share the road with vehicles. Signage has been installed along the 1.75 mile route through Quakertown. The signs, including Highlands Trail markers, direct trail users through Quakertown Borough and alert motorists to the presence of pedestrians and bicyclists along the route.

Trail Access Points

The route is accessible at the following points:

  • The Park at Fourth Trailhead
  • Throughout the Quakertown sidewalk system 

Nearby Destinations

There is much to see and do in Quakertown, including Quakertown’s park complex that includes a swimming pool, the National Register Historic District, restaurants, shopping, and entertainment.The destinations listed below are located on the Highlands Trail route or within a few blocks of the trail: