Tollgate Landing Trail Gap

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In Richland and Milford Townships (Bucks County, PA), a gap in the Highlands Trail route is located between the Barrel Run Trail to the west and the Brayton Garden Trail to the east known as the Tollgate Landing Trail Gap.

The trail gap is located within open space that is privately owned by the Tollgate Landing Homeowners Association (HOA). Approval to develop this trail section is needed by the HOA. AMC and its consultant, Campbell Thomas & Company, have been working with the HOA and the two townships to study and seek funding to design and develop this trail. Closing this gap would create about five miles of connected trail in Milford and Richland Townships. It would also connect to the Highlands Trail route in Quakertown.

AMC is proposing to have two trails built to satisfy regional connectivity and residential connectivity. See map below. The HOA will not be responsible for any associated costs with building the trail. AMC will apply for funding, design, and engineering once the agreements are signed between the townships and the HOA Board. The HOA will NOT be responsible for maintenance. The HOA will NOT be held liable if someone is injured on the trail. The townships would indemnify the homeowners if anyone brings a claim of personal injury.

Information updated on 8/24/2022