Conewago Recreation Trail

The Conewago Recreation Trail follows the Conewago Creek through western Lancaster County. It connects to the Lebanon Valley Rail Trail to the east, just north of Elizabethtown. The trail will connect to the Northwest River Trail near the Susquehanna River in at Falmouth.

Highlands Trail Route

The Highlands Trail follows the entire 5-mile length of the Conewago Recreation Trail from Mount Joy Township southwest to West Donegal Township.

Trail Facts

The trail is constructed primarily of crushed stone, except in a sloped section that intersects with Mill Road in Aberdeen where the trail is paved. This multi-use rail trail has level and well graded surfaces.

The Conewago Trail is owned and managed by Lancaster County. More information about this trail is available at the County’s website.

Trail Access Points

The Conewago Trail can be accessed at the following areas:

  • Route 230 Trailhead, just north of Elizabethtown
  • Parking area on west side of Hershey Road/Route 743

Nearby Destinations