Segment #6 Conewago Trail Gap – Northwest River Trail

An approximately 4.8 mile trail gap on the Conewago Recreation Trail needs to be developed in order to connect to the Northwest River Trail.  

Northwest River Trail

This planning segment of the Pennsylvania Highlands Trail Network (PHTN) includes the scenic 15.1 mile Northwest River Trail that follows the east bank of the Susquehanna River. The Northwest River Trail is planned to run from Falmouth, Lancaster County south to Columbia. The trail is fully developed from Bainbridge to Columbia. At Columbia, the trail will cross the Susquehanna River and connect to the Mason Dixon Trail. For more information and to view the Trail Section pages, zoom-in and hover over the trail map; click the pointer and when the information box pops up, click on “Read More,” or follow these links: Northwest River Trail; Conewago Trail (Gap).