Highlands Trail in Nockamixon State Park

The Highlands Trail is planned to pass through Nockamixon State Park using existing paved and natural surface trails, as well as access roads.

Planned Highlands Trail Route

Beginning on the south side of Mountain View Road/Route 563, on the west side of Nockamixon State Park, the Highlands Trail follows follows the park’s Quarry Trail south along the edge of Nockamixon Reservoir, until it turns west and connects to the Old Mill Trail. Old Mill Trail continues along the water’s edge of until it turns north briefly, roughly following the shoreline. The trail surface becomes pavement, and continuing east, passes by the picnic area, park Visitor Center and marina. The Highlands Trail continues east past a small fishing pond, and currently stops at the Fox Run Trail. An approximate one-mile gap is located in the park between the Fox Run Trail and Tohickon Lane to the east. The Highlands Trail picks up at Tohickon Lane and heads south, turning east again at Haycock Road. Plans to develop a hiking trail in this area are underway. Haycock Road heads northeast and terminates at Mountain View Road. At Mountain View Road, the Highlands Trail heads east and follows along the shoulder of the road. Hikers need to use extreme caution while walking along Mountain View Road, especially along the bridge over the Haycock Run. Immediately after the bridge, the trail picks back up and heads south to Tower Road. The trails on this side of the park are mountain bike trails and hikers should be alert at all times for the presence of mountain bikers. When fully developed, the Highlands Trail in Nockamixon State Park will be roughly 10 miles in length.

Trails located on the south side of Nockamixon State Park are not part of the Highlands Trail route.

Trail Access Points

Nockamixon State Park has many parking areas and places to access the trail, including:

  • Deer Wood Lane (small parking area and restrooms)
  • Southeast of the Park Office (larger parking areas and restrooms)
  • At the Visitor Center and Marina (larger parking areas and restrooms)
  • Tower Road Trailhead (no restrooms)


Nockamixon State Park includes the following recreational amenities:

  • Marina and boat rental
  • Fishing pier
  • Swimming pool
  • Disc golf
  • Camping cabins
  • Picnic tables
  • Picnic pavilion
  • Concession stand
  • ADA facilities