Ringing Rocks to Nockamixon State Park Gap

Currently, in Bridgeton Township, Bucks County, the Highlands Trail heads west away from the D&L Trail and ends at the parking area in Ringing Rocks Park. The goal is to connect the D&L Trail, Ringing Rocks Park and the Highlands Trail route to Nockamixon State Park.

Conceptual Highlands Trail Route

Bridgeton Township

The current Highlands Trail route through Bridgetown Township is an on-road route. Ideally, the route would be an off-road, natural surface hiking trail connecting Nockamixon State Park to Ringing Rocks County Park. Upon exiting Ringing Rocks County Park, the current route heads roughly 200 feet west on Ringing Rocks Road. At the intersection with Lonely Cottage Road, the Highlands trail route turns south on to Lonely Cottage Road crossing through Bridgeton Township and heads into Nockamixon Township for a distance of roughly three miles.

Nockamixon Township

At the intersection of Lonely Cottage Road and Marienstein Road, the Highlands Trail route turns left, heading south along Marienstein Road for a distance of roughly 1.4 miles. The Highlands Trail route turns left at the intersection of Marienstein Road and Beaver Run Road, following Beaver Run Road east for roughly 0.75 miles to the intersection with Quarry Road. The Highlands trail Route follows Quarry Road for a distance of 2.0 miles to the intersection with Easton Road. The trail crosses Easton Road and follows Tower Road for a distance of 0.73 miles until it reaches the Tower Road Trailhead at Nockamixon State Park. The total on-road route from Ringing Rocks Park to Nockamixon State Park is roughly eight (8) miles. Appalachian Mountain Club and other project partners need to work with Bridgeton and Nockamixon Townships to assess the public’s desire for a trail route connecting these two recreation resources and then determine ways to develop the route as an off-road hiking trail.

Potential Off-Road Trail Connections

The State Game Lands in Bridgeton and Nockamixon Townships may have potential as areas where the trail could be moved off-road.