D&L Trail to Ringing Rocks Park

The Highlands Trail co-aligns with the D&L Trail south from Easton, in Bridgeton Township the Highlands Trail heads west toward Ringing Rocks park.

Highlands Trail Route

From its co-alignment on the D&L Trail in Bridgeton Township, Bucks County, the Highlands Trail heads west and follows a crushed stone path for roughly 1,000 feet (0.2 miles) toward the Ringing Rocks Trailhead on River Road (Route 32). From the trailhead, the Highlands Trail is proposed to cross River Road and continue heading west on a natural surface hiking trail through Ringing Rocks County Park. Ringing Rocks Park contains unique natural features including an intermittent waterfall and a boulder field, as well as large diabase boulders throughout the park.

Trail Facts

1.0 mile of crushed stone trail from the D&L Trail to the parking lot in Ringing Rocks Park. Within Ringing Rocks Park, conditions are steep in areas and rocky throughout. Picnic tables are located in Ringing Rocks Park at the trailhead. The parking lot can become full on fair weather days. A kiosk provides a map of the trails within the park. A port-o-jon is located by the parking area. 

Trail Access Points

This section of the Highlands Trail can be accessed at:

  • Ringing Rocks Trailhead on River Road / Route 32
  • Ringing Rocks Park on Ringing Rocks Road 

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