26 Acres Added to French Creek State Park

Natural Lands, the regions oldest land conservation non-profit, has successfully added 26 acres of forest to French Creek State Park – bringing the park to a total of 7,977 acres.

The two properties purchased were the 10.6-acre Yocom property and the 15-acre Metka property, located directly adjacent to the park’s northern border within the Schuylkill Highlands Conservation Landscape. Both parcels acquired were at high risk of development, which would have splintered forest habitat critical to the migration of songbirds and other wildlife. Through this acquisition, Natural Lands has also prevented the loss erosion control, flood prevention, and carbon sequestration. These additions bring the total acreage purchased by Natural Lands for French Creek State Park to 386-acres.

Funding for this acquisition comes from PA DCNR’s Environmental Stewardship and Watershed Protection Act with additional support from the Highlands Conservation Act and the William Penn Foundation.

Read the full announcement on Natural Lands website: Saving Vulnerable Forest Near French Creek State Park  – Natural Lands (natlands.org)