Updated Version of Land and Trails Tracking System Launched

This week, the AMC and the PA Highlands Coalition published an updated Pennsylvania Highlands Land and Trails Tracking System.

This tracking system provides valuable information to focus land protection and trail development across the PA Highlands. The tracking system was developed in 2012 with an update in May of 2016. From 2012 to 2020 over 44,000 acres of open space have been protected. The new system includes updated information on lands protected since 2012, which was identified as a goal in our 2021-2026 Pennsylvania Highlands Coalition strategic plan update. The system uses ArcGIS Online mapping and allows the user to view the entire region, as well as zoom in to counties and municipalities, search by location, and turn data layers on/off. Visitors can view conservation and agricultural easements, non-profit conservation organizations, state, local, and federally-protected lands, as well as regional and local hiking trails and state designated water trails. Also, the tracking system provides users with the acreage of protected open space and miles of trails within each county and municipality.

You can view the updated system here.