Recorded Webinar: “Multi-Functional Riparian Buffers”

Watch the webinar to discover how conservation groups can encourage buffer planting for landowners, promote the concept of agroforestry, and highlight recent DCNR grants for riparian buffers. This webinar features Austin Unruh, Owner of buffer consulting firm Crow and Berry Land Management, and Tracey Coulter, Agroforestry Coordinator for PA DCNR.


Watch Multi-Functional Riparian Buffers: A New and Collaborative Approach to Conservation”




The PA Department of Conservation and Natural Resources and the PA Infrastructure Investment Authority recently distributed 1.1 million dollars in grants throughout Pennsylvania for planting multi-functional stream buffers, which incorporate species such as nut trees, berries, and willows in buffer zones. This strategy helps to both protect clean water and provide an incentive to landowners, a collaborative solution that helps to raise the profile of riparian buffers in the PA Highlands and beyond. 

Join presenters to discuss the recent DCNR grants and the realities of utilizing these tools on the ground. 


The Pennsylvania Highlands is a 1.4 million acre region that encompasses parts of 13 counties and boasts unique ecological and cultural resources that contribute to the economic and aesthetic value of the area, as well as provide opportunities for outdoor recreation and enjoyment. To learn more, visit