Unami Creek Trail to Perkiomen Trail

In Bucks County, the Unami Creek Trail is planned to extend through Milford Township to the Montgomery County line. In Montgomery County, the Highlands Trail will continue through Marlborough Township and Green Lane Borough until it reaches the Perkiomen Trail. Currently, this area represents a gap in the Highlands Trail route.

Conceptual Highlands Trail Route

Marlborough Township

The Highlands Trail route in planned to follow along the Unami Creek to the extent possible in Marlborough Township. The Highlands Trail will pass through the Musser Scout Reservation, a large privately owned tract. Trail easements are in place within the Musser Reservation that will provide about 3 miles of trail. This area is part of the scenic Unami Hills, an Audubon Important Bird Area that contains the Unami, Ridge Valley and Swamp Creeks. Over 2,000 acres of land is preserved in the Unami Hills as privately owned open space. 

Green Lane 

Continuing south through Marlborough Township, the Highlands Trail will pass through Green Lane Borough, using the sidewalks for walkers and bicyclists sharing the road with vehicles. An access point for the Perkiomen Trail is located on Gravel Pike in Green Lane, which also provides a connection to Green Lane County Park.

A Concept Plan of alternative trail routes has been prepared and can be viewed here.  In 2019, a Trail Feasibility Study for the Musser Scout Reservation was completed prepared and can be reviewed here.