Highlands Trail Stewards Training and Work Day

AMC hosted a trail building workshop with hands on experience for the Highlands Trail Stewards in Ringing Rocks County Park on Sunday, November 4th.

Ringing Rocks Park

The full-day training was provided by Monica and David Day, experienced trail builders from the New York-New Jersey Trail Conference. The workshop focused on trail building techniques in wet areas, which are in abundance in Ringing Rocks Park. Ringing Rocks Park is a well-used county park facility located in Bridgeton Township, Bucks County. The park is characterised by wooded uplands, diabase boulders, a boulder field, a creek and waterfall.

Trail Buiding Skills

Crew members of the all-volunteer Highlands Trail Stewards learned how to construct puncheons (a simple boardwalk type structure) and a stepping stone path. These structures will help improve conditions for trail users and reduce negative impacts on the environment within Ringing Rocks County Park. The crew also built additional rock water bars along the trails in the park, which help to divert water from the trail and reduce trail erosion from runoff. The new skills the Stewards learned will be applied to other trail projects in the area.