Five-Year Strategic Plan for the Highlands Trail in Pennsylvania Published

The Pennsylvania Highlands Trail Strategic Plan guides the prioritization of key projects, outline tactics for community engagement, strengthens marketing and branding, and creates a long-term vision for trail funding, management, and operations.

The strategic plan implementation matrix will guide the network’s goals over the next five years and outlines six priority areas and actions. The plan’s execution is a coordinated effort amongst the Highlands Trail Steering Committee, municipalities, county planning commissions, other trail groups, and the state government.

The plan provides the framework for coordinated efforts to improve trail connectivity and contains an implementation matrix. The six priority areas include: (1) trail planning and development; (2) maintenance, management & operations; (3) branding and communications; (4) funding; (5) recreation for all; and, (6) community connections and partnerships. The Appalachian Mountain Club spent several months gathering input from trail managers, trail users, steering committee members, DCNR, and other organizations within the network to develop the final version of the strategic plan. Most of these items also align with the following companion documents: Circuit Trails Strategic Plan, PA Statewide Comprehensive Outdoor Recreation Plan, PA Land and Water Trails Strategic Plan, and Montgomery and Bucks Counties Comprehensive Plans.

Strategic Plan – Final Narrative – April 2023