AMC Presents Circuit Trails Visual Assessment Project at DVRPC

On Wednesday, June 12th, AMC’s Circuit Trail Visual Assessment project team presented to DVRPC’s Information Resources Exchange Group.


AMC staff memebers Cathy Poppenwimer and Mark Zakutansky presented The Circuit Trails Visual Assement Project findings to the Delaware Valley Regional Planning Commission’s (DVRPC) Information Resources Exchange Group (IREG) in Philadelphia. IREG was formed in 1991 to provide a forum to discuss the creation, use and exchange of planning-related information in the Delaware Valley. IREG promotes knowledge sharing in the methods and technology for data analysis, synthesis and presentation. IREG’s topics include data, metadata, modeling, forecasting, aerial imagery, geographic information systems, database systems, and the Internet as a data access and dissemination tool.


AMC’s presentation covered the development of The Circuit Trail’s Visual Assessment Study methodology, methodology testing during the Schuylkill River Trail pilot project, discussion of two trail case studies and overall study results. The presentation concluded with discussion of the next phase of the visual assessment project. Next steps include development of an interactive on-line map and a top 10 most threatened views list. AMC plans to expand the visual assessment study to include new Circuit Trails and non-Circuit trails in eastern Pennsylvania. Questions about the visual assessment study can be directed to Catherine Poppenwimer, AMC’s GIS Researcher, at